Host Families

We are Montse and David, a couple from Barcelona, and we founded KBLanguage in 2015, to escort young travellers to study English in Ireland and to USA.


Montse studied in London when she was younger and enjoyed the experience so much it motivated us to provide the same opportunity to our children. We have, and continue, to send our children to study English, learning in the context of a different culture. KBLanguage seeks to provide our students and our host families with a reciprocal experience of learning in this context with the utmost confidence that we are there to support them throughout the process.


We seek to achieve this by:


  • Facilitating placement's that work for both parties as identified by the information provided by the student and host families;

  • By providing information to the host family in advance of their student's arrival;

  • By ensuring the co-ordinators are available by phone at all times to facilitate any unexpected concerns or worries by either the families or the students;

  • By providing day trips to students on Saturdays to increase their appreciation & understanding of local culture.

In Ireland we collaborate with organizations who work to promote the sharing of cultures between Irish citizens and immigrants, educate people to recognize the strength in cultural diversity and encourage communities to accept differences while celebrating similarities to make the community a more inclusive and friendlier place.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to